You’ll never believe what happened after I dropped a hatching egg

Yep, it happened; I dropped an egg I was saving to incubate. It was from one of my hens called Monkey Face. I had been collecting eggs and labeling them with a pencil, writing the name of the hen who laid it so I would know the parents.

As I was setting the egg into the egg crate I was using to hold the eggs until I was ready to set them in the incubator, I dropped it. It fell only about 3 inches but it landed on the concrete counter top. I was horrified. I picked up the egg and noticed a small crack. Would a cracked hatching egg develop into a chick?

I needed to get the eggs into the incubator later that day to stay on the schedule I had planned.  Monkey Face had been laying sporadically and I only had two of her eggs. I also knew there was no time to get another. Because I really had nothing to lose, I decided to try to fix the crack. But what did I have on hand?

I settled for clear nail polish. I wasn’t sure if the chemicals would soak into the egg but knew it would dry very quickly, minimizing the likelihood. I put two light coats over the crack and hoped for the best.

20 days later, a nice healthy chick sprung from the egg! It was a real surprise. I knew the egg was developing because I had candled it, but I was not sure if it would indeed hatch.

I believe that because the egg was fresh and the crack small, the repair was a success. Have you had a similar experience with a cracked hatching egg?

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