German Shepards prevent worms in chickens

German Shepard and poultry

Iris the German Shepard preventing the chickens from getting worms

Yes, it is true. German Shepard dogs will prevent worms in chickens. Don’t believe it? Let me convince you.

When I first started raising chickens about 12 years ago, we owned a Golden Retriever. One day we discovered the chickens had worms. We saw them in their droppings. So being new to owning chickens, I researched what to do and was told to use Wazine. I ran out and got some and treated my entire flock. Only after did I discover that Wazine is not to be used for egg laying chickens. WHAT? I was flabbergasted. Why did all the knowledgeable people, the “internet experts”, tell me to use Wazine when the manufacturer puts right on the label to not use it for egg laying chickens? I was confused and frankly, a bit pissed off. I just gave my entire flock of egg laying hens a medication that has no declared withdrawal period. What was I to do? Well, I did what everyone else does in that situation; I waited what I thought was a safe withdrawal period and once again started to eat the eggs. But I was always worried that any eggs I gave away could possibly contain a chemical that I introduced that the person may have a reaction to. So I refused to give any away.

Eventually, all the birds I treated with Wazine were culled or eaten by a predator. I swore I would never listen to so called experts again without actual scientific proof.

Fast forward to today where I always consult an actual poultry vet for advice if I have any issues with my flock. I also do a lot of research, looking for those published studies so I make the correct decisions. What I discover I share here.

Recently, I was on Facebook where a new chicken owner exclaimed “My chickens have worms, what do I use?” And then all hell breaks loose. Pumpkin seeds says one. Garlic says another. Wazine screams 3 more. Crushed red pepper, oregano, Rooster Booster, Chili seeds, vinegar, and on and on. On every suggestion like those I asked for proof. Real, scientific proof. Not “It works for me”, “I feed them X and my chickens have never had worms!” answers. When I get those answers I ask if they had a fecal float test done that showed the chicken did indeed have worms before they gave them their magical solution, and a fecal float test showing the worms had actually been reduced. The answers always turn ugly, often angry and condescending. I am just asking for actual hard proof so I can honestly suggest using those products. It never happens. Their bluff is called and they are in defense mode.

Vinegar isn't working so I will go with Wazine...

Vinegar isn’t working so I will go with Wazine. Bad advice all around.

Which leads me to this: Owning a German Shepard dog will prevent your chickens from getting worms. Yes, it’s true! And here is my proof: The Golden Retriever passed away a few years ago and we got a German Shepard puppy. She grew up around chickens, ducks and turkeys and is awesome with the birds, often jumping and playing with the turkeys, even though I think sometimes the turkeys may not be really playing. Our flock does not have worms. So this is proof without a doubt that German Shepards do indeed prevent your chickens from getting worms. I know, I know! Great news huh? Be sure to spread the word! Share this article so you can suggest to anyone that is asking what treats worms in chickens that the simple answer is a German Shepard.

So I am also going to leave you with a few more tips.

  • Freerange chickens do not get eaten by sasquatches. Mine freerange and I have never lost one to a sasquatch, sooo…
  • Adding Muscovy ducks to your flock prevents stray dog attacks on your flock. A neighbors dog decimated our flock one day. Shortly after, we got two ducks. The dog got sick and was put down and has never attacked our flock again. We attribute the ducks to being the preventative to repeated attacks by that dog.
  • Adding Narragansett turkeys to your flock prevents prolapse. Since we introduced turkeys to our farm we have not had a single hen have a prolapse.

So in closing, you know I have no proof other than “It works for me!” And if you may not know, German Shepards DO NOT prevent worms just because my personal experience proves it, freerange chickens may get eaten by sasquatches, Muscovy ducks aren’t why a dead dog isn’t killing my chickens, and turkeys have nothing to do with a chicken hen proplapsing.

Always question folks that give you advice on treating your chickens for worms, mites, etc. Do some research and look for scientific papers, studies from Universities, or just call a vet and ask them. But also be prepared for the nastiness that usually results when you ask backyard chicken keeping experts for proof.

Treating worms in chickens

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