Raising Backyard Chickens PDF

Backyard chickens in a pen

If you are interested in raising your own backyard chickens, you need the information covered in this PDF.

This downloadable PDF covers the following topics:
*    Why raise chickens?
*    Before you begin…
*    Regulations
*    Diseases and other maladies
*    Buying laying hens, chicks or hatching the eggs yourself
*    Pecking order
What type of chickens?
*    White eggs, brown eggs, or colored eggs?
*    Brown eggs
*    White eggs
*    Colored eggs (Blue/Green)
*    Full sized birds or bantams?
*    Egg production
*    Broodiness
*    Hardiness
*    Confinement
*    Egg layers
*    Meat birds
Setting up your brooder
*    Heat lamp
*    Box/brooder
*    Litter
*    Feeding and watering
*    Chicks
*    Pasting up
Penned or free range?
*    Penned
*    Free range
The chicken coop
*    Egg layers
*    Meat birds
Feeding and watering
*    Egg layers
*    Scratch
*    Oyster shells
*    Meat birds
Collecting eggs

There is a lot of information, tons of pictures, and links to downloadable reports on raising chickens, chicken health, egg production and safety, incubating eggs, and MORE!

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