How do you know what size chicken coop you need?

One of the biggest questions asked is what size chicken coop do I need for 4, 6 10, 12, etc, chickens? The answer is fairly simple as to how much space will be needed. The harder part is determining the … Continue reading

Raising Backyard Chickens PDF

If you are interested in raising your own backyard chickens, you need the information covered in this PDF. This downloadable PDF covers the following topics: Introduction *    Why raise chickens? *    Before you begin… *    Regulations *    Diseases and other … Continue reading

Supplemental light-Should you provide it for your chickens during the winter months?

Are you considering supplemental light for your hens? Hens naturally produce fewer eggs in the winter. The reduced amount of daylight has been found to be directly related to egg production and the reduced daylight results in fewer eggs. There … Continue reading

Identifying which predator is killing your chickens

Use predator dropping to identify which predator is killing your chickens This previous article suggests ways for you to identify what type of predator is killing your chickens. Here is another way; by it’s scat (droppings, feces, poop, etc.). The … Continue reading

The homemade chicken plucker in action!

Well, the chicken plucker is a success as this video will show! The video shows everything from catching the chicken to putting it in the freezer. The most amazing part is the chicken plucker in action, don’t miss it! WARNING: … Continue reading