How to tell what color eggs your hen will lay

What color eggs will your chickens lay?

What color eggs will your lay?

Sometimes you will find yourself with a chicken that was given to you, turned out to be the wrong breed you ordered, or was hatched by you but you are not exactly sure who the parents are. How do you tell what color eggs they will lay?

Of course, if you own all brown laying breeds and the eggs you hatch are from them, chances are quite high your new hens will lay . But what if you don’t know exactly who the parents are?

There is a very quick and simple way to quickly tell what color eggs your new hens will lay, but you must wait until they grow a bit to do it. Here is the secret: check the color of their earlobes. Generally speaking, hens with red earlobes will lay brown eggs and hens with white earlobes will lay . Of course breeds that lay blue or greenĀ  colored eggs won’t have blue or green earlobes, so this method doesn’t really work for them!

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