What size roost should be used for your chickens?

What is the proper size for a chicken?

Chickens love to roost. They will roost on nearly anything but having perches the correct size for their feet gives them a comfortable place to rest. Proper sized roosts also allow them to regulate their temperature more easily, exercise their toes, fluff their feathers, and smooth down their nails.

Regular sized chickens should have roosts about 1 1/2 inches wide with rounded edges. Bantams should have roosts about 1 inch wide, also with rounded edges.

Measuring for the correct size roost

If using lumber

Dowels for the correct size roost

If using dowels or branches

Of course, the proper height of the roost is also important.18″ of space should be allowed between the wall and the so the birds have enough space to be comfortable and 18″ high works as well. If building multi-level perches (see this article on a simple multi-level, portable, and easy to clean roost), 12″ to 18″ both vertically and horizontally is suggested. If your coop is small, use the 12″ measurement, if you have the room, 18″ is suggested.

Along with the size roost you provide, you should also get the heigh correct

Roost heights and spacing for multi-level perches

Of course, you can also use branches if you prefer, just be sure they are close to the size suggested.

Do you use a different size roost?

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